Does the tenant or does the homeowner/management company pay the utilities?

The tenant has 48 hours after move-in to get the utilities changed into their name. Tenant is responsible for all utility charges including trash.

What is the typical deposits required prior to move-in?

A security deposit equal to one month's rent is required prior to moving into the unit.

Is smoking allowed in the home?

Each unit is different and it is up to the home’s owner to dictate whether smoking is allowed. It will be noted in the lease if smoking is allowed or not, but ask prior to signing.

Are background checks required for everyone inhabiting the home?

Anyone 18 years or older must have a background check which includes, credit, criminal and renter history.

Are guests allowed to stay overnight?

Yes, the lease allows for guests to stay overnight. If the guest is in the home longer than 14 days they will be considered an inhabitant and must go through the background check process.

Can I park an RV or a boat at the home?

Unless the home has designated parking for transportation other than cars then the answer is no. Each home is different, so ask prior to signing your lease what the parking situation is at the home.

We have pets, what are the rules/regulations?

Each unit is different. Pets may be allowed with a $150 per pet fee (non-refundable) and $15 a month additional rent payment. This extends up to two pets max.

We have a repair that needs to be made in the home. How do we get it fixed?

HeartlandPropertyMgmt.com has a “Repairs” link to make requests.  You may also reach us at 316-202-2070 and press 0 for Emergency Repairs.

If I movein mid-month how does the first month’s rent work?

Monthly rent will be prorated so you only pay for the number of days the home will be occupied. If rent is $3,000 and you move into the home on March 20th , you would owe for 10 days or $1,000.

How do we pay rent?

Rent is due on or before the first of each month. All rent except in emergency cases will be paid electronically through the tenant portal on the HeartlandPropertyMgmt.com website. No writing or mailing checks required.